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Purges seem to be a universal and very consistent part of male crossdressing at all levels. Simply put, the urges to crossdress, buy clothes and makeup, and feel a forbidden part of ourselves, get so big and overwhelming that our Judeo-Christian ‘sin’ base becomes inflamed and we must either purge our wardrobe or watch in the mirror as our head spins around like Linda Blair.

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File:Kim Kardashian

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Top fashion photographer Richard Bailey dies after cancer battle | The Australian

ONLY hours before he died of cancer yesterday, aged 52, Richard Bailey, the world-famous Australian fashion photographer, was planning his next shoot.

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Needs Must When Boredom Drives

Women with no underpants are even creeping into the Sydney social pages These photos, thankfully, are usually affixed with modesty stars before being published.

Watching the Nouveau Riche Parading their genitalia is about as exciting a s a Murdock News flash.

Flash of fame spreads sluttiness.

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