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Souths fans throw bottles at ref | Justice has prevailed.

The lowest common denominator, base Neanderthal violence, has earmarked South Sydney Leagues fans, and disqualified them from the considerations of civilized society.

An ugly bottle-throwing incident last night ruined a rugby league masterpiece, as angry Rabbitohs fans threw bottles onto the SFS after watching their side go down at the death to bitter rivals the Roosters.

via Souths fans throw bottles at ref | The Daily Telegraph.


Children won’t be left to drown … how about Gillard?

How stupid does Julia Gillard think “redneck central” is? She can’t honestly believe voters in marginal electorates will fall for her election-eve volte-face on asylum seekers, announced in a speech this week to the Lowy Institute.

She can’t honestly believe they will be grateful for her patronising defence of them as not being the racist, bigoted “rednecks” refugee advocates such as Julian Burnside say they are. Especially while she bent over backwards to praise him as: ”Prominent Australian, Julian Burnside, QC, an eminent lawyer, much respected in our community.”

via Gillard Announced Off-Shore Processing of Refugees.

GetUp! Campaign Actions

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Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune gets suspended jail term |

A NEW Zealand anti-whaling activist was handed a suspended two-year prison term in Japan for offences relating to clashes with Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters.Peter Bethune, 45, was convicted of injuring a whaler by hurling a rancid butter stink bomb during the latest high-seas campaign by the US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and of four other charges.

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Voters get a taste for miner miracles – Abbott Outflanked

Julia Gillard has shown the ‘mettle of her pasture’, with the caveat of my previously stated reservations about Julia’s ability to check the rapacious union right, I grant the credit, where it is due.

The mining resolution blindsided the opposition. It had gambled on there being no resolution before the election and now finds itself opposing a tax that is generally supported, especially by those who a little more than a week ago were spending millions to kill it off.

via Voters get a taste for miner miracles.

Australian faces Bali jail for cocaine use – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Melbourne man Angus McCaskill faces as many as twelve years in a Bali jail after he was arrested and confessed to using cocaine.

via Australian faces Bali jail for cocaine use – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Doctors complete full intestinal transplant – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Brendan Cole, 32, had been suffered worsening intestinal failure since childhood and has endured more than 30 operations.Surgeons replaced his small intestine, liver, pancreas and duodenum in an operation regarded as the most complex and risky of all transplant procedures.Mr Cole is in a serious but stable condition in intensive care but doctors say it will be months before they know whether the transplant has been a success.

via Doctors complete full intestinal transplant – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation.