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YouTube – Salome’s Last Dance Trailer

via YouTube – Salome’s Last Dance Trailer.


YouTube – The Devils – Confession Scene (Ken Russell, 1971)

via YouTube – The Devils – Confession Scene (Ken Russell, 1971).

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YouTube – Jacques Derrida on American Attitude

Jacques Derrida on American Attitude

via YouTube – Jacques Derrida on American Attitude.

Week 3 Tutorial Griffith University – Technology

Current Affairs Journalism and role of emerging media technologies.

The recent explosion in Social Media or Social Networking has caused a flurry of independent and industry comment, from Barrack Obama to the back chat  of Blogger, from Twitter to Technorati, from Delicious and Digg to Multiply, Mylot,  My Space and Netlog, LiveJournal to LinkedIn, Vox and Vimero and Vidler , Slide, SoundCloud, Squidoo and Slashdot. You name the niche and there are a Tribe waiting to WordPress and Hi5 you. You can StumbleUpon Upstream, and Gather DeviateArt at Goodread

Garrett’s $50m roofing debacle

Succinct Summery of the recent failed insulation scheme. This story uncovers a litany of blunders, incompetence and waste of taxpayers money.